Steer Your Year

Practical Tools To Make Your Big Dreams HAPPEN

You have big goals. Beautiful dreams. Gorgeous ideas.

You’re willing to work hard. In fact, you always do!

You’re so busy... but you’re not always sure where your time goes.

You go and go and go... but you never feel done.

You handle task after task... but those really big goals, the ones that matter, keep receding further off into the distance.

That’s because you’re steering without the proper tools.

Steer Your Year

is a set of navigational tools for dreamers.


What's Included:

Downloadable Mapping Worksheet
to help you plot your course and know exactly where you’re headed this year.

Downloadable Compass Worksheets
to steer your day-to-day life and keep you on that course no matter what comes your way.

Plus video lessons from me on how to use them and a few other bonus goodies to help you Captain your ship like a badass.

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Hi, I’m Katherine North. I run a successful life coaching business helping extraordinary women take action on their dreams. I’m also currently writing a book, and raising five kids in the Land of Always Winter (Canada). My life is full to bursting.

Like many creative women, I'm a veritable font of great ideas. And like many creative women, I'm always distracted by the next great idea or the newest shiny thing.

Without a system, I'd never get any real work done. So how do I manage?

The key is to turn your big goals into small daily actions, and I do that with these tools.

I've been sharing these simple, powerful tools with students in my Queen Sweep Master Class for years, and time and time again my students have told me that these tools made the difference – the tiny shift – that finally helped them stay on track.

So, for the first time, I'm making them available on their own.

Because it’s time for you to get your epic shit done, and these will help.

Buy Now | $99

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included in Steer Your Year?
Inside Steer Your Year, you'll find: 1) An introductory video from Katherine, 2) Your Mapping Worksheet (Word and PDF) and an instructional video on how to use it, 3) Your Compass Worksheets (Word, PDF, Pages) and an instructional video on how to use them.

You'll also find bonus PDFs on Quick Energy Shifts and The Sacred No, and Katherine's recommended Reading List.
How long does it take to complete Steer Your Year?
It really depends on you and how you prefer to engage with the material. But as a general guideline, set aside about an hour to complete your Mapping Worksheet. The Compasses are filled out daily or weekly (your choice) and they can take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes each day.
Do I need to print everything out?
I really recommend that you do, because the analog nature of these tools are part of what makes them so magical! The Compasses especially are fluid tools that can change as your day changes, so printing them out and carrying them with you is really beneficial. However, if you're more of a paperless person, you can absolutely fill them out on your computer (you can type right into them) and just keep them on your desktop.