Practical Magic for Secret Mystics

A 7-week program to strengthen your spirit

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I’ve helped more than 300 smart, soulful women go from feeling like they’re too much (too sensitive, too intense, too emotional, too everything) to owning their power, their smarts, and their wild intuition.

1. Trust your instincts
Connect with your inner guidance so you can make wise choices

2. Become un-fuck-with-able
See through bullshit and manipulation and steer with integrity

3. Turn your inner light on
Walk through the world with a beautiful and palpable presence, a glow

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Discover how connecting with your own inner wisdom can make you a tougher negotiator, a more loving healer, a better lover, and a more peaceful parent.

“Practical Magic for Secret Mystics is an amazing blend of expansive self-exploration and hands down practical actions that help me stay in my power, shift energy and move forward in a much more grounded way. So grateful!” – Tracy C.

“One of my biggest life challenges has been managing my energy. I take on the energy of other people like a sponge, which often leaves me feeling drained and the other person feeling relief. Katherine taught me how to create a sense of safety, how to get grounded, and how to protect my precious energy. Now I get clear and centered before a challenging interaction, and I can actually feel the energy shift in a positive way! I feel like I’ve reclaimed my personal power.” – Deana D.

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Hi, I’m Katherine–
master coach, heathen mystic, ex-missionary kid. I’m as sensitive as they come.

In fact, most of my life I felt like I was walking around with no skin. I felt really lost, because I felt SO MUCH— agonized by the world’s suffering, buffeted by the whims and moods of my colleagues, exhausted by the effort it took to be around most people.

The worst part was that since I was cut off from my own inner knowing, I made some spectacularly stupid decisions. I entered into relationships, agreements, and situations that were really bad for me. I felt weak, silly, and embarrassed by my intense feelings. I wondered why I couldn’t just toughen up and grow thicker skin.

But in fact, my “too-muchness” was an immense gift…once I learned to work WITH myself instead of trying to be like everyone else.

My intense feelings were caged passion. My intense empathy contained keen insight. My sensitivity showed me things that many people missed. And once I learned how to USE these gifts, I found that they gave me the ability to navigate business and personal situations with grace, grit, and even a sense of humor. I learned to stand up to bullies. I learned to protect my tender heart when necessary, and how to open it fully to welcome in love and intimacy. I learned to recognize when someone was trying to manipulate me (even if they didn’t know they were doing it). I got out of an emotionally abusive relationship. I embraced my work as a healer and learned to hold space for others’ healing without taking on their pain. And most of all, I learned to trust my own inner knowing to guide me to make powerful decisions.

The truth is, you have a special set of antennae, an invisible tool belt, a coronet made of stardust.

But I bet no one ever showed you how to use them.

This program is the secret manual to help you unlock your own joy, power, and presence.

“This course helped me discover that the energy I was seeking was not something to find outside myself, but was something I had within me. Katherine taught me to access my own energy and to connect with my body; something I had never done. Now, even when I'm extremely busy, I can stop and check in with myself (a regular practice now) and realize that I'm feeling just fine. I have all the energy I need. Imagine that! It was there all the time.” Becky R.

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7 Weeks, 7 Symbols

Each week we add a new layer, building emotional and energetic muscle safely and gently.

1 | The Key: Creating a sense of safety

        • The surprising secret about fear
        • An easy visualization technique to feel safer right away
        • When and how to trust your instincts

2 | The Wand: Grounding into your own physical wisdom

        • How to trust your intuition and trust wisely, not blindly
        • The #1 way you’re unknowingly weakening your body
        • How to shift old patterns that drain your energy

3 | The Cloak: Claiming your own space

        • Neurological research that sounds shockingly like ‘magic’
        • How to hold your ground against others’emotional outbursts
        • The best way to neutralize criticism, attack, and judgment

4 | The Moon: Working with larger rhythms

        • How to work WITH our cyclical nature, not against it
        • Why you may never think about PMS the same way again
        • How to be crazy productive by being ridiculously lazy

5 | The Banquet: Integrating your lost fragments

        • How to heal old hurts from the past
        • Why you keep sabotaging yourself, and how to stop
        • How to turn your most irritating failings into strengths

6 | Flying: Expanding your bliss

        • Raise your set point for bliss, joy, laughter, and pleasure
        • How you might unconsciously be blocking your own joy
        • Why the world needs you to “broadcast” your bliss

7 | Elephant Wisdom: Advanced magic

        • How to ask for guidance and make wise choices
        • How to be your own seer, prophet and sage
        • How to tune in to the deep heartbeat under everything

“I was feeling pulled and pushed by so many things, I didn’t know where to begin. Katherine helped me realize that, “What is wrong with me, why can’t I suck it up?” was not a valid question. I needed to realize that I am more sensitive than most people, and learn to honor that and embrace that. It s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels drained by picking up other peoples’ vibes. I cannot overstate how important Katherine's guidance has been in my life!”– Carolyn

How It Works

1. Read the chapter
Each week, you’ll read (or listen to!) one chapter, working deeply with a new concept

2. Devote 10 minutes a day
For just 10 minutes a day, engage in the gentle but powerful practice of that week

3. Listen to the meditations
Listen to the guided meditations to anchor in what you've learned

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What's Inside:

  • Complete 107-page ebook
  • 7 daily practice worksheets
  • Audio readings of each chapter, so you can listen inside the course or download to listen on the go
  • Audio recordings of 5 guided meditations
  • Bonus! The Mystic Mastery Interview Series– interviews with 7 thought-leaders sure to inspire you

Is this you?

  • You wear your heart on your sleeve
  • You’ve been told you’re TOO sensitive, too intense, too emotional, too smart, too sexy…just too much
  • You catch subtleties that others miss
  • You know exactly what Anne Shirley means by “kindred spirit”
  • You can read the emotional tone of a room
  • Sometimes you can sense the heartbeat of the whole world

Sometimes I bet you feel so TIRED.

  • You wish you could grow a thicker skin
  • One cutting comment can bring you to tears for days
  • The world’s suffering feels overwhelming and you feel helpless
  • You feel like a dumping ground for other people’s feelings
  • Your compassion means that you get taken advantage of
  • You wonder if there’s just something wrong with you and you wish you could hide under the covers for the next 4 years

You know what?
It doesn’t have to be this way.

You’re not crazy. You’re not a drama queen. You’re not too sensitive.

You’re just a mystic. You’re feeling all of it.

This is actually an enormous gift!

And when you learn to USE your extra antennae, tune into your own spidey senses, and engage your empathy as a powerful ally (instead of being overwhelmed by it) — you’ll have happier relationships, feel more grounded, and find your own strength.

That inner clarity will help you trust your instincts, make bold decisions, and sniff out fakers.

Hear ye, hear ye!
Practical Magic is NOT the following:

This program will not teach you to magically conjure $2 million checks in the mail, use crystals to repel malevolent forces, or manifest a damn thing. There will be no channeling, ghosts, angels, or astral travel. We shall brew no herbs, neither shall we chant. Nothing that comes from an ancient pyramid, distant planet, or a gleaming scroll. But copious profanity.

On a more serious note, this program is not the right thing for anyone who is seriously depressed. If your yearning has slipped into despair, then my darling dear I beg you to please, please find yourself a kind, skilled therapist. You owe it to yourself and the world.

Learning to use your own magic doesn’t need to be heavy, dark, or scary. I will walk you every step of the way, showing you how to be safe and grounded as you also get very mystical indeed.

Your Investment

“I wanted to learn what it means to be a modern day mystic. I've experienced many teachers who taught me this tool or that tool, and I used them on and off. But I never really knew how to put it all together in a safe and practical way. Practical Magic for Secret Mystics has been a wonderful experience for me and I continue to use these tools every day.” – Jo T.