A Queen Sweep

To Fill You Up

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It’s been a year of doing hard things.

You’re exhausted. Not just tired – weary, deep down.

You don’t mind doing hard things. Especially worthy things, like fighting for justice and taking care of your beloveds and persisting and calling and showing up and healing and cleaning and teaching and learning and making art and meals and bringing home the broccoli and frying it up and then washing the pan and writing poems about the fleeting beauty of it all.

Those things are worthy. Necessary.

You’ve been going going going. And thank god you did, or your world would have stopped.

But now your bright light is dim, your eyes are dull.

Everything feels so hard.

Fun? What’s fun? Is it like laundry?


You were made to shine like a motherfucking beacon.

When your powers are sapped, it’s impossible to be the badass queen that you truly are.

You just want to curl up and sleep... for a year or so. Numb out with some Netflix.

You’ve got these things tugging at your heart, but the thought is daunting.

In fact, even making dinner feels like One Thing Too Many.

It’s not because you’re lazy. It’s not because you’re apathetic. It’s not because you’re selfish.

It’s just that you overgave this year, and you’ve depleted yourself. You’re running on empty.

It’s time to fill ourselves back up.

We have to put on our own oxygen masks before we can help the person next to us.

We have to learn to stay filled up because we’re in this for the long haul.

We have to pause and drench ourselves with kindness so we can shine again.

This is not frivolous or selfish.

This is not escapism in the name of self-care.

This is not about spa days or baths with rose petals (but there’s nothing wrong with those things).

This is about replenishing your sacred energies.

In the Queen Sweep Master Class, we sweep out clutter and call in beauty. We beautify our homes, set up systems, and make life hum smoothly around us. More than 3,000 women have discovered that this powerful process helps them step up to life with more energy, clarity, and passion.

This February, we’re doing a different kind of sweep.


You are at the center of everything you create.

When you’re dry and empty and hopeless, that’s what you project into the world.

When you’re nourished and filled up, you send beautiful, loving ripples into the universe.

This Queen Sweep to Fill You Up is an INNER SWEEP, so that you can shine more brightly, show up more fully, and do the things that matter most to you without exhaustion or resentment.

Join me for this new, life-changing 3 week class.

Enrollment is currently closed. Sign up here to be notified when this class is open again!

How does it work?

Step One

Weekly Broom

On Monday of each week you'll get a "Broom" with that week's key task. Read it or listen to the audio, and then put it into action.

Step Two

Group Calls

Each Thursday at 9am PT/ noon ET, we’ll gather on a group call to keep you motivated and clear. Bring all your questions and have them answered live on the call.

Step Three

Supportive Community

In between, we’ll stay fired up in our secret Facebook group, where you can support and be supported by your fellow Queens.

We will pull from the principles of the Queen Sweep

Less Clutter. More Beauty.

You’ll clear out the mental & physical clutter that’s sabotaging your inner strength-- then get clear on what truly gives you power, resilience, vitality and joy.

Each week, we’ll focus on only the FEW things that make the MOST difference.

We’ll clear a path, quite literally, to make it easier to actually DO those things.

You’ll create a “new normal” that supports you in being a strong, loving force in the world… with new habits so that you STAY filled up month after month.

This 3-week class starts February 5th. Each Monday, you’ll get a “broom” that you can read or listen to with that week’s assignment. Each Thursday, we’ll gather on a group call to keep you motivated and clear. In between, we’ll stay fired up in our secret, super-supportive Facebook group.

Enrollment is currently closed. Sign up here to be notified when this class is open again!


A Queen Sweep is better with friends!

Part of the magic of the Queen Sweep Method is the momentum that forms when a group of women work towards their own unique but parallel goals in unison.

That's why the Queen Sweep Master Class is a live program – we're stronger together.

With that in mind, you can get TWO tickets to A Queen Sweep to Fill You Up for the price of one, so you can bring a friend!

Split the cost with a friend. Gift it to a friend. It's up to you!

Enrollment is currently closed. Sign up here to be notified when this class is open again!

Who am I and why am I so fired up about this?

Hi, I’m Anna! I talk to really smart, ambitious, creative, secretly soulful women about the most intimate and interesting parts of their lives.

This is commonly known as life coaching, but it feels more like a sacred campfire, with lots of cackling.

And swear words. And unexpected magic.

My secret mission is a global takeover by the Wise Women.

But right now?

The Wise Women are TIRED.

Before you can get your queendom in order,

Before you can create that masterpiece your soul is whispering about,

Before you can be the wildly creative and loving mother you can feel in your heart,

Before you can go change the world this November...


This is the most practical soul care you’ll ever do.

For years, I’ve been running a 9-week program called The Queen Sweep Masterclass that helps people get their physical words in order. We tackle closets, money, paper, To-Do lists...all the gnarliest parts of a big, complicated life. And together we make it GORGEOUS.

It turns out that when you infuse your physical world with order and beauty, you can’t help but create more spaciousness inside your own mind and heart, too. And when you make that space, new and beautiful things start to bloom.

I’ve worked with over 3,000 women in the Queen Sweep, and I’ll be running that class again soon.

But this time around, things feel a bit different. Even some of the strongest women I know are struggling right now. Not a normal kind of “life is complicated!” struggle, but a bone-tired, running on fumes struggle.

So let’s hit the reset button. Let’s refuel before we do ANY more hard things.

And then we’ll sail into this new year replete, laughing, full of love, working at full power and firing on all cylinders, and with so much to give.

Enrollment is currently closed. Sign up here to be notified when this class is open again!


Hang on a minute.

I know what you’re thinking.

I don’t need any of this self-care nonsense. I’ll just DIG DEEPER.

As it happens, I ran this particular experiment myself last year. It was my first year as the mother of five, navigating a whole new life in Canada without the benefit of my usual support system. I just kept thinking that if I just worked harder, I could make it all work.

Please let me spare you from making this same painful mistake.

It was hard on my heart, my body, my marriage, my kids, and my pocketbook.

But it didn’t have to be like that. It turns out that when I’m proactive about my own inner strength, I serve THE WHOLE WORLD better.

I learned my lesson, and now I’ve got my own inner-strength-care ON LOCK.

In this program, I’ll spill all the juicy details of what it takes to keep me bright, clear-eyed, and wildly productive. But more importantly, I’ll challenge you to get clear on what YOU need, too. (It’ll look different than my list!)

So come fill up with me! This will be the most delicious 3 weeks of your life, and you’ll emerge bright-eyed, rarin’ to go, with your mojo back and your head full of good ideas.

Enrollment is currently closed. Sign up here to be notified when this class is open again!