Money in the Bank

How to manage your money so you always have enough (even as a creative entrepreneur)

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How do you handle your money #likeaboss... when you ARE the boss?

*Wondering why I call myself a different name in this video? Because I changed it! Because declare dominion, baby.

Too many creative entrepreneurs…

Live in a state of constant panic

Are afraid to even know what’s going on with their money

Keep blindly buying programs & hiring coaches

Worry whether their families will be okay

Wonder if they should just give up and get a job

Have to offer huge discounts to bring $$$ in the door

Rack up scary amounts of credit card debt

When you get a handle on your money, you...

Feel calm and in control, even during lean months

Always have enough for your household bills

See what expenses and income are on the horizon

Enjoy your freedom (isn’t that the whole point?!)

Easily have enough set aside to pay your taxes

Rest easy because you have safety nets in place

Know when to hold on to your cash, and when to invest in your business


Here is the problem.


Most money advice is aimed at people with JOBS (and SALARIES).

The 'experts' work off the assumption that you get a predictable regular paycheck and that the only way you can grow your net worth is by a slow and gradual increase in that income over decades. And then you’ll stop working and retire.

So they all have the same advice: you need to save, play it safe, and follow the rules.

But an entrepreneur (or freelancer, or creative, or solopreneur) breaks all those rules!

(Gleefully is how we break those rules! Hi, have we met? I don’t have a compliant bone in my body.)

Our income can swing WILDLY from month to month. And if we play our cards right, our businesses have the potential to bring in exponentially more income in the coming years.

But without careful management, our businesses also have the potential to rake up debt, eat up our savings, and leave us in a perpetual state of desperate panic.

Has this ever happened to you?

You make a huge sale, and in a pink glow of visionary zeal, you invest all that money back into the business! You buy new equipment! A new website! A high-end coaching program! ...and then two months later, you’re scrambling to pay yourself, your employees, and OH YEAH what about the taxes?!

It doesn’t have to be this way.


You know the standard advice.

Max out your 401K, take your company match.

Get a 30-year fixed mortgage, put 20% down.

Cut out lattes, save $50 million for retirement.

Cut up your credit cards, don’t ever take on debt.

Umm... 401K??? Company MATCH?!

{Cue the maniacal laughter as all the entrepreneurs pull their hair out.}

Here’s the truth.

As an entrepreneur, you have to break SOME of the rules.

(Or you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur!!)

But if you don’t know which ones to break and which ones to keep, things can quickly spiral out of control!

So which rules should you break... and which ones should you follow?

– When should you play it safe… and when should you take the big risks?

– What is a good investment… and what is foolish spending?

– Should you be trying to cut costs, or trying to grow your revenue?

– Should you take a bigger salary, or invest it all back into the business?

– How do you make sure you have enough to pay your taxes?

– Should you pay an expert or try to bootstrap it yourself?

These are the real questions.

And I have answers.

Hi, I’m Katherine North.
I haven't had a normal job in 17 years.

I’ve been a freelancer, a free spirit, a consultant, a solopreneur, and an entrepreneur. I was a solo mom for years and now I’m the main breadwinner for my family of seven.

I know the hustle. OH HOW I KNOW IT!!

The questions you face as someone who steers your own ship are VERY different than if you earned a regular salary.

For years, I read Every Single Book out there on personal finance. (Really. Serious lit major bookworm fact-finder nerd here.) I learned a lot of really, really useful things.

Most of which DID NOT APPLY to my situation.

I made a lot of painful and expensive mistakes. I had flush months and scary months. But through it all, I figured out some things.

I figured out that most of us are asking the wrong questions.

We read business advice, and we read personal finance advice.

But the missing link is that juncture where your BUSINESS money meets your PERSONAL money.

Your business’s bottom line affects your household finances. And managing your personal finances requires managing your business’ bottom line. The two are inextricably linked.


That’s why I created...

What makes this program different?

This is the only personal finance course designed for (and by) creative entrepreneurs. This is the only system I know of that helps you work on BOTH pieces so that you can feel proud, confident, and peaceful that you ALWAYS have money in the bank to pay your bills, save for a rainy day, and splurge on those things that matter most to you.

I’m not promising you a way to make millions. (Because if you make millions but you spend millions + $10, you’ll still feel poor! But if you make $20,000 and you have $10 left over, you’ll feel proud and successful.)

I’m promising you a system that gives you TOTAL CLARITY about what needs to happen in your business and in your personal $$$ so that both are flourishing and healthy.

This system helps you LOOK AHEAD and see what’s coming, something no accountant or bookkeeping system can do.

Let’s be honest: slow, lean months are just part of life as an entrepreneur. But when you’ve prepared for them ahead of time, they’re no big deal. And when you have those big boom months, you’ll know exactly what to do with that money so that it helps create security AND drive your business forward.

Ready to DECLARE DOMINION over your finances?

Let’s do it.

Learn a powerful framework designed specifically for entrepreneurs


Ditch the feast-or-famine cycle


Get a handle on your money


Know that you can handle ANYthing

Let’s talk about this investment.

I know, you have lots of things you could spend that $1,200 on.

But how much is is it costing you to NOT be on top of your money? How much in credit card interest and fees? Ever wished you could take back a big investment? Are you less effective at getting new business when you’re worried about paying your bills? Have you ever discounted your products or services because you just needed to bring in the cash, fast?

Your lack of clarity may already be costing you quite a bit.

By the way, don’t feel bad about that for a single second — of COURSE most of us flounder a bit with our money. Because NO ONE TELLS US HOW TO DO THIS!! But when you figure this piece out, it changes EVERYthing.



25+ short, watchable videos

The 6 things every biz owner needs

5 take-action tools

Done-for-you spreadsheets that make it easy

Clear action steps each week

Practical, real-world strategies

A helpful checklist to guide you through each step

When you invest the time and money to get CLEAR on your money, you’ll see returns on this investment every single month for years— in both your business AND your personal finances.

Your Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
This is for anyone who is in business for themselves— whether you have a brick and mortar business with a bunch of employees, or whether it’s just you and your laptop. It’s for freelancers, consultants, coaches, service providers, makers, hustlers... or anyone who WANTS to be one.
Will I learn about investing, retirement plans, wills, or insurance?
Nope! There are lots of great resources out there on these topics— what this program will help you do is manage your cash flow so that you have enough money to ACTUALLY DO all those things!
What if I start the course and realize it isn’t right for me?
I stand by all my programs 100%! Just let me know within 30 days of your purchase that this wasn’t the right program for you, and I’ll give you a full refund.
How does the program work? When does it start?
When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the foundational module which gives you an overview of the program and tells you exactly how to get started. Module 1 will arrive the next day, and you’ll get a new module each week after that. You can watch the course videos from any device you want. You’ll have unlimited access to the course material as long as you want so you can go at your own pace and keep coming back to the material whenever you want.
How long does the class last?
Because everyone is on such a personal and unique journey with their money, this course is designed so that you can go at your own pace. So if you devour each module as soon as it drops, and work through it that week, theoretically you could tear through the whole thing in 6 weeks. But many people will want to go more slowly, taking their time, and that's why unlike many of my courses, this one is totally self-paced. You'll have access to the material forEVER so there's no rush.
What if I don’t live in the US?
You can access the program from anywhere in the world. I’m an American so this is definitely based on my experience, but I’ve also run a business in Tokyo, and all the same principles and strategies still apply.
What if I haven’t actually started my business yet?
This will show you how to build a strong foundation from the ground up. If I had had this information before I started (any of) my businesses, it would have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars. Probably tens of thousands. No joke.
What if I only make a tiny bit of money in my business? Is it worth it?
It depends. If you’re happy having a little hobby business, and you don’t really want to grow it, and you know you’ll never need to live off of the money it makes, this probably isn’t the course for you; it’d be like buying a big tractor for your little garden plot. But if you want to grow your business, and if you ever hope to significantly contribute to your family’s or your own finances, then this course is a must. Like I said above, this will give you a strong foundation from the very beginning so that you can grow as big and flourishing as you want!
What if I’m just someone who’s bad at money? Can’t I hire a bookkeeper and accountant to handle this for me?
Hahaha! I used to say that about myself, too. No offense, honey, but that’s a big load of BS— there’s no such thing as being “bad at money.” There’s just “scared of money,” “never learned the lingo of money,” and “wish someone else would take the responsibility instead of me” when it comes to money. No one will EVER care about your financial future the way you will, and you owe it to yourself to step up and take the reins in this part of your life. Because even if you hire a crack financial team, you’ll still need to lead that team. I’ll show you how, step by step, in a way that isn’t scary and is super empowering. You’re going to feel SO BADASS when you can say, cool as a cucumber, “I just love managing my money.”
I still have questions!
Email me and I’ll get back to you personally!